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7 Reviews for “Yellow Roses Guam”
  1. September 8th, 2015
    Jim Says:

    Incredible and talented owner and staff who provide happy times at all times.

  2. September 8th, 2015
    Russ Says:

    Classy, beautiful, traditional owner who strives to provide the best in terms of drinks and surroundings.

  3. March 6th, 2014
    cheap charlie Says:

    Extremely hot and friendly owner. Great staff. Awesome place to blow of some steam. Will be back when I get back to Guam!

  4. November 24th, 2011
    DECEIVED Says:

    Watch out for this place. They will tease you and get you occupied then they will serve themselves juice instead of a real drink that you paid 20$ for. Go somewhere else.

  5. June 3rd, 2011
    Faith Says:

    Be yourself and sing out loud because this karaoke bar simply feels at home. It’s small yet nice and cheap.

  6. May 12th, 2011
    Allison Says:

    Despite that the bar was small, I still had a great time here with my friends. It’s a nice place to get away from all the fancy intimidating bars. =)

  7. June 10th, 2010
    Farrah Says:

    This place is not hard to find. Their staff was nice and the vibe was cool and welcoming.

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