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Harmony Music Box Guam

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3 Reviews for “Harmony Music Box Guam”
  1. August 1st, 2011
    Tanya Says:

    My friends always go to karaoke binges. Their rooms in Harmony Music Box are big. They have different room sizes to fit different groups. They have open mics but if you prefer to be with your own crowd, you can get a room.

  2. April 7th, 2009
    Briana Says:

    My favorite karaoke bar on Guam! They have a huge private room. The owners are really cool. They don’t speak much english, but just enough to get you your drinks.

    I highly recommend this place.

  3. December 3rd, 2008
    Joe Says:

    I’ve been here several times.  I didn’t know the name was “Harmony Music Box”.  All my friends just know it as Music Box.

    They have a free open mic, and it is NOT a buy-me-drinkie bar, which is great, and also Private Rooms.

    Almost every free open mic bar I’ve been in to on Guam has buy-me-drinkie-girls coming up to you (which is very embarrassing).  It’s nice to find an open mic karaoke bar that is legitimate.

    It’s a great place to brings friends as well.

    Along with the open mic at the bar, they also have private rooms.  They have:
    – a really Large room in the front (accommodates about 20 people),
    – a medium room (room for 5-10 people),
    – and small rooms (for 2 – 4 people). 

    The large rooms cost the most, but the medium, and small rooms are very affordable for 1 hour.

    They offer songs in Japanese, Korean, and English, which makes it a great hangout for Korean & Japanese locals, Tourists, Local, and Military.

    The usual crowd are local Koreans, and Local Chamorro and Filipinos.  Not much military here.  However, the crowd is very welcoming, and the service is very good, which makes it a great time for any crowd.  All people are accepted here, military included. This is not a place where you will find any racism or prejudice.

    They don’t speak Japanese (they do speak Korean & English), but since Japanese menus are in the Japanese language, Japanese tourists should also find this place accommodating.

    Did I mention that they have Soju!  Not many hangouts on Guam have Soju, so this is an added bonus.  You can buy a medium-sized bottle for around $17, which is good for a group. The bottle is equivalent to about 6 shots. Normally shots cost around $5 each, so you do the math, and you can see how good of a deal it is. Just make sure you ask for lemon with it.

    The owners also showed me the “special Korean way” to shake the Soju bottle before you open it to pour. It’s really funny & silly, and she got mad at me (with a smile) for not knowing about it (haha). Make sure you ask them to show you the special shake. The guy owner will probably just laugh (he’s a bit shy), but the wife will show you. They are both really cool. He’s learning English now, and he gets better every time I visit. The wife is actually a local here, so she has had practice speaking english for awhile. It’s always nice to see foreigners on Guam who embrace the locals. Very cool people.

    This is definitely one of my Top 10 Hangouts for Guam.  Great service, nice private rooms, and no buy-me-drinkie girls bothering you at the Open Mic Bar.

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