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hotels Guam, Karaoke bars are very popular now, even in Guam! You can find karaoke bars just about everywhere in Guam. From individual group rooms that can hold up to 20 people, to a live on stage band. Everyone is sure to have a great time in a Karaoke bar. With a wide range of drinks like import beers and wines. Some Karaoke bars even serve food! Usually open late and packed on the weekends. Get your voice ready for a karaoke bar! -by: Ging G. Guam karaoke bars in guam | z 8:42 pm | Thursday, January 8, 2009 | HotGuam-Nightlife | 0:03 | | 2009, October 12, Monday | guam vacation, 20:42 | Monday, October 12th, 2009 | 12:03 am