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The Rack Guam Map & Directions

House and lot for sale in Lapu Lapu City

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3 Reviews for “The Rack Guam”
  1. June 14th, 2011
    MississippiMan Says:

    No updates regarding this spot?

  2. October 5th, 2010
    Gerard P. Says:

    This place closed down? Who’s running this site???

  3. October 30th, 2009
    Janey Says:

    Whoa, from the looks of the videos above it seems like nobody plays pool there anymore, and the place is turned into a theater.

    Don’t let the videos full you though, this is still a pool hall. They have about eight different tables, and then they have this swanky little chill bar right next to it. When it comes to drink reviews I would have to say that the prices for drinks are pretty fair, nothing special to say negatively or positively about it.

    The biggest reason why people go here is for the live music they have Rebel Lion playing their a lot, along with a lot of other awesome island bands.
    The crowd usually is a lot of Filipinos, and a lot of Chamorros. I do see some military in there every once in awhile though.

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