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7 Reviews for “Horse & Cow Guam”
  1. August 20th, 2011
    Kane Says:

    There were a lot of crazy people doing crazy things. It was fun at first, but it gets old. I had a great time at the bar though.

  2. May 5th, 2010
    J Says:

    Not that bad of a place…..Until I ran a tab for $25 and when I got home I found out that instead of $25 it was $260, after that, i’m definitely not going back….and yea a HUGE sausage fest!!!!!

  3. March 6th, 2010
    Bobby Says:

    There are plenty of better bars out there. But if you’re in the Navy or love a good sausage fest come on down!

  4. September 13th, 2009
    Connor Says:

    If Guam carries on the tradition the way the previous bars have, it will be a beast of a pllace to compete with. I should know…I was one of the animals that used to keep that place rowdy !!!

    El Pouro

  5. June 23rd, 2009
    Nate Says:

    Wasn’t too impressed with this place. A sausage fest as soon as went in and then Navy guys decided to get all up each other. Music choice was good but the really need to pick who they let in and who they kick out.

  6. April 7th, 2009
    Briana Says:

    I love Horse and Cow! What a cool name too. Just like the name implies this is kind of a Cowboy White person bar. Really fun atmosphere, and The Go Go Dancers make it a bit more interesting.

  7. March 26th, 2009
    Jofes Says:

    I like the mixed crowd here, and the Go Go Dancers make it more interesting.

    Definitely one of my favorite hangouts on Guam.

    Also 5 Stars for having Henry Weinhardt Beer on Tap (YAY!).

    Weinhardt is like the best beer I know of.

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